Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy News

Ok, for anyone that reads this, here is my list of happy recent developments:

1) I got to (quickly) meet Bruce Cameron & hear him speak at an event - lucky me! It was very neat, and Bruce was hilarious (I've really got to get ahold of '8 Simple Rules' one of these days...)

2) I've finally learnt how to eat & exercise more healthily! I'm not all the way there, but I'm begining and for once I'm actually sticking to it. I haven't noticed any changes yet (boo, no fat-be-gone), but I am feeling better about MYSELF, and a lot of the junk food cravings are melting away! It's been only about 3 weeks but still.. GO ME!

3) I just booked a vacation to see Sara in August! I'll be spending four days with her in Vancouver, just us girls - premium sister bonding, hurray! I haven't asked for the time off yet (gotta pass 3 month review at the end of the FOURTH month - whaaa?), but that's ok, as all I'm doing is taking two days (I've already earned a week) of my vacation time.

4) My best friends are home from travelling -hurray, lots of girl time!

5) No matter how much I hate my job, I finally have some money! Which means that my 'down time' has lots of fun books & movies involved - sweet!

There's lots more, but that's all I can think & type about right now

hugs to all!

Update/ work grumble

It's been a long time since I 'blogged'.

So much has happened, and on the work front, unfortently, none of it has been good. Yes, I don't feel confused anymore. However, relationships between myself and my boss are not in a good place. Since confronting her about how my job did not meet the promises of what she'd offered me, I have been penalized constantly for it.

I have not written ANYTHING (except emails and 'resumes' of lawyers) in two months. I am constantly told I am not 'suitable' and don't have the proper skills for the position because it's expected that I can set-up complex filing systems in zero time. Last week I was introduced to the inc0mming boss as 'our admin assistant, who does the saddledome ticket distribution and all the office tasks'.

Not as a Marketing Assistant, no word about what I am, what I can do. The ADMIN assistant - for which, of course, I was promptly ignored by the new boss. I work overtime all the time (often when the boss tells me I have to two minutes before I leave). I don't take lunch breaks - I don't get to. Despite all this, I am told I am not putting in enough 'effort', that my 'long-term placement' in the position is in question.

Needless to say, I have long ago dropped the idea of working there for a year. Now, I'm looking as hard as I can for anything else!

I hope something happens, because this is driving me nuts, daily. I'm miserable, and it's breaking down my self-esteem, and is also causing stress in my relationship with Jeff. Me being frustrated & coming home crying does not make for a happy home life.

I don't want to bitch, but it just comes pouring out of me - each and everyday, there is an effort (concious or not, I don't know), to errode my self-esteem, my assurance in my skills and experience.

But I'll keep smiling, and I'll keep looking & applying. And one day... well, the job I want really is out there!