Thursday, August 20, 2009

hi ho, hi ho, it's nuts at work we go!

So it’s week two of the social experiment… otherwise known as being 28 for six whole days now.

Seriously, best way to spend a birthday if you’re a dancer? Tell everyone you’ll be out of town a week before your birthday, therefore prompting a friend to give you a bday dance the week earlier. Don’t actually leave town until AFTER your birthday, so you get another birthday jam on your actual bday. Go out of town to dance the next day, where people know it’s your birthday. Get a jam circle for it. Then get another jam circle for being from out of town. Is it any wonder I was limping by Sunday (no aerials though, which sucked… I so have to learn some of those soon).

Anyways, so accomplishments in the last week: They seemed to totally love me on Wednesday, and I was very personable. Unfortunately, they’d also found another candidate, so that meant zilch. Back to the job hunting drawing board (was upset at the time, but really? Losing 1/7th (min) of my salary so I can work an extra 10 to 20 hours a week? Probably a good thing I didn’t get it).

Found ride and accommodations in Ed, so did advanced classes for the first time, and had a blast. Also had the world’s best bubble tea. Will now be insisting on visiting Dream everytime I’m in Edmonton (tho I don’t think anyone will really object to that idea). Also, I actually went to the Fringe Festival at long last! Hurray! Question: Is one still a Fringe Virgin if one only ATE at fringe & watched the buskers, versus seeing any shows?

Spoke my mind (probably too much) at the SDC meeting, but if it makes some positive changes, that’d be great – I’d love to see that thing go gangbusters and I only talked so much because I thought the ideas could benefit everyone (not like most ppl also didn’t have those ideas!)

What else? Finally went climbing last night, a consequence of which is that my forearms are hurting just typing this up… I really need to develop some more arm & back muscles. ONE day I want to be able to actually get up a damn wall or finish a bouldering route without squeaking and wanting to use my chin to grip things (I inadvertedly used my boob last night for balance and all I can say about that is ouch). It felt like I ripped the hell out of my hands, but the calluses are pretty small, which just shows how long it’s been since I climbed, if there is that much pain for minimal damage.

Seriously though, there is not much to talk about, I haven’t had many adventures (besides Edmonton) – I’m just bored shitless at work and wanted a distraction.
Of course, I do have ONE thing on boil… a potential new blog cowritten with a friend. But more about that some other time… my fingers are cramping up like crazy now and I really should do more work!

Off to tackle mount laundry & apartment cleaning tonight…. My life is so full with fabulous adventures!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A new dose of inspiration

So, saw Julie & Julia tonight and completely loved it.
It had terrific actresses, an amazing director, and great action.
And ok, the first few scenes of 1940's Paris were obviously painted backlots, but that was soon over looked.

Most importantly though, it featured two strong women, each whom decided to do something new with their lifes, which lead them to new careers and successes beyond heir wildest dreams.

It was inspiring and uplifting - the type of movie all women need in their lifes. I know there is a lot of backlash against the whole 'domestic goddess/ return to the kitchen movement' (and I'm a strong advocate against it), but I still loved this movie - because these women didn't make their way by stabbing others in the back, through sex or less than ethical means.

Instead, they decided to do what they loved. And in doing so, they not only changed their own lifes, but also brought joy into the lifes of others.

So thank you, Julie Powell and Julia Child. Thank you for being an inspiration to a woman who needs it!

And thank you M to treating me to the perfect birthday present for a woman who wishes to inspire herself & find her dream by doing what she loves in the year ahead!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's about time

To update this blog.

It's been a long time since I typed, and yet so little has happened. Not because I got into a 'good place' and I've been happily going about my business, but because I've been lazing about, doing nothing as my business.

I've been uninspired and unmotivated, and I really need to change that... starting now.
So, this blog will go back to being a general catch-all for the outpourings of my brain.

I have no followers anymore, I don't know how many interesting things I have to write about. Afterall, I'm single, I live alone, I don't date, I have a boring job, and I tend to hide versus getting out there and trying new things. All I need to be the quissential cat lady is the cat, and I'm already seriously complemplating getting one (to the extent I was supposed to 'view' one today).

But, a new landmark is about to be hit - 28. I figured by 28 I'd be married (first to a guy I still talk to, next to a guy who if he ever tries talking to me again, I'll be examining restraining orders again), that I'd have travelled the world, be secure in my job, own a home, car, cat, and generally be loving life.

Instead, I feel like I haven't travelled at all (it's sad when your travel credientials only impress 18 yr olds or people who have never left Canada), am renting a place that frequently breaks down (I suppose I should be greatful for only loosing $100 worth of food when the freezer broke), cower at the idea of confrontation or responsibility (also known as 'no, I don't have any relationships, human or pet based') and I'm working as an assistant at a job that a friend appologized for calling 'monkey work' the other day.

What's sadder is that I had to tell the friend that even an untrained monkey could manage my work.

So, with 28 approaching like a runaway train, it's time. Time to take control of my life, to move on and up to better things. Time not just to examine my situation (I'm very good at couch-based, self-inflicted therapy sessions) but to actually DO something about it.

Actually live out my dreams, experience all there is out there to do. Take risks, have adventures, make some mistakes. Because you know, doing nothing is even more destructive and mistake-filed than doing something!

and if my year of introspection has taught me anything, it's that I was born to be out there interacting with others, versus shut away in my own little world!

So, this is my social experiment for the next year: to try as many new things as possible, to ALWAYS say yes to new experiences and to open up my horizions as much as possible. In the last year I tried:

- travelling for work
- travelling for dance
- went back to swing dancing
- tried out a book club
- made some new friends
- sleeping with someone on the first date (bad, VERY bad idea)
- falling in love at work (also a bad idea)
-visiting more of Canada
- travelling somewhere I really didn't want to (and it was fun!)
- hearing aids (still working on loving them)
- downhill skiing (totally terrifying fun!)
- burlesque dancing
- rock-climbing (love it!)

So, I need to keep going at this - I need to experience more & more, to make me happier and happier!

so, this week's accomplishments will be:
- create a filing system for myself during at home hours (uggh, but it's gotta happen)
- go climbing with A (hopefully)
- girl's night to celebrate my bday with M
- trip to Edmonton to dance for my birthday (MUST find ride and accomodations!)
- special project on Wednesday
- Start arranging the AGM/ open house for MCAA
- organize my birthday dinner with M&D.
- go to dance class on Wednesday (new sweet moves, here I come, whahoo!)

But, to make sure I actually do something that's new, I will:
SPEAK MY MIND at the Open house for SDC. I wanna be more involved and I want to see us all have a lot more fun! Screw fear of being ridiculed, I've been there for a year now and I'd love to step up my involvement a notch, but I have to talk to get that happening!

Ask M if we can try something for dinner that I have never had before. I will have to hunt something down in the next day :)

Absolutely kick ass at the specical experiment on Wednesday!

because this is the plan: be more outspoken, kinder, develop stronger relationships, try to mend two fences, get more involved in EVERYTHING I'm already into, and develop new interests, new forms of self-expression, and otherwise embrace and love life to its fullest.... even though it means totally sticking my neck out there and probably taking a LOT of spills.

But it's time - to stop sulking & hiding and get out there again!