Sunday, July 8, 2007

A little more...

Newest article on the disaster... don't know why I'm keeping them, but reading them... makes it kick in a little (self-inflicted reality check, I guess!).

Homeless, Day 2

Just a quick update for myself, I guess... things are much better today. We are getting more help from Social Services, the building owners, the community at large & the province.

We got more stuff out (and it's ok!), there is a disaster fund being set up... we're doing good, we're getting priority for rehousing from a lot of different property management companies...

it's all amazing.

There's a dark side too though... and that is realizing all we have lost. Right now, I am coping, because my brain is going 'oh, it's just moving, you've done that SO many times before already!' . And I fool myself that everything is alright (majorly helped in this by the fact that Kathleen has an AMAZING condo that she's lent us to stay in this weekend).

But then, I'm on site, packing, and I go to pick something up & realize that behind it, is a book that I can't even see the text of, it's so damaged. And that makes me wonder 'how much have we actually lost, and how are we going to deal'.

How can we pack EVERYTHING, a full two bedroom appartment with 3 storage closets, in one half-day. What about taking apart things like the table, so they can be moved out? Where are we going to store it? How can we afford to replace things? How much time off will work allow me to accomplish this all in? Where are we going to live, how long is that going to take? How am I going to do my job properly, if I have a two-hour commute everyday, and can't ever arrive early/stay late, because I can't get to my parents' place without Jeff? How long are we going to manage living in one room at my parents'?

When is this all going to hit me, and how am I going to react to it all then??


Fire at Lakeview Mews

On Friday, July 6th, 2007, I became homeless.

I was at work at the time, completely oblivious, until we heard it all on the radio... several hours after I had left my home, worrying that I would be late for work, I was standing outside my appartment, worrying about where I am going to live.

today we got to go in, see the damage, and find out our options.

I'm lucky: I have temporary shelter, an income, and minimal damage to my possessions.

Where I go from here (literally) I don't know, but I am greatful: Jeff and I are both ok, and together, we will make everything work out....

the following is:

Photos of the appartment building, our (only marginally damaged) appartment & a link to the story about what happened... or as far as they know... more later....

a story about the damage here... Please note that a) Jordan was hopping around in a suit today, he was able to borrow one and b) Maverick is just fine, the fire department got him out!

the north-east of the building, including our suite.

Where we (guess) it started...